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From  advicetowriters.com Quotes of the day. Thanks to songwriter exemplaire  Gretchen Peters and her wonderful, informative site.

Stephen Sondheim’s Three Principles of Lyric Writing
There are only three principles necessary for a lyric writer, all of them familiar truisms. They were not immediately apparent to me when I started writing, but have come into focus via Oscar Hammerstein’s tutoring, Strunk and White’s huge little book The Elements of Style and my own sixty-some years of practicing the craft. I have not always been skilled or diligent enough to follow them as faithfully as I would like, but they underlie everything I’ve ever written. In no particular order, and to be inscribed in stone: 

Content Dictates Form 

Less Is More 

God Is in the Details 

All in the service of Clarity without which nothing else matters. 

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