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Artists-in-Residence @ Salty Towers

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St. Andrew's by-the-Sea,, New Brunswick, NB

We've begun our one month residency in beautiful St. Andrews, at the eclectic and uber creative and sympatico Salty Towers BnB. We anticipate renewed health and happiness, new songs, and new energy. An upcoming songwriters' concert is scheduled for later in the month. TBA Spiritual restoration now in progress!


Fraser & Girard

Bicycle Cafe, Flesherton, ON

Our favourite gig. Peter understands good presentation; setting the stage, good sound and lights, good, smart local audience, and the food is an oasis of pleasure.


Fraser & Girard

Tranzac Club, Toronto, ON

We are the special guests of poets/songwriters extraordinaires Robert Priest and Max Layton. An afternoon of real poetry and song.


Fraser & Girard

David's Bistro, Chixculub, Yucatan

Fundraiser for the Chixculub Museum Dinosaur. We'll do my new Spanglish song, "Boom Chocolata" Outdoors on the patio; palm trees, Mexican menu and wood fire oven pizza. And Conchita makes a wicked margarita.


Fraser & Girard

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Refugee Sanctuary, Bad Krozingen, Germany

Bringing music to the wonderful men, women and children who have endured unthinkable hardships, and now wait the decision to be allowed to stay in Germany or to be sent home.